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Joel has been immersed in the comedy world for over 19 years.  He is currently the Program Director of Slacker Radio's 2 Comedy Channels.  Joel worked as XM Satellite Radio's Comedy Director from February 2001 until 2009 and entertained over 4 million listeners every week.  He can still be heard regularly on Sirius XM's Raw Dog comedy channel as part of the StandUP SitDOWN interview series.  As the creator and architect of XM Comedy and Laugh USA, Joel screened more comedy CD's than anybody in the business. A lot of them were poorly produced with sound quality issues so he couldn't play them. This inspired Joel to start recording and producing comedy albums.

Joel recorded his first live comedy shows for XM airplay in early 2002. Over the years, he rarely turned down a live recording gig, constantly upgrading his equipment. He now uses up to 12 high quality microphones to capture crowds and personally mixes, masters and edits all recordings.

Joel has recorded over 220 live comedy shows in venues that seat 25 to 2500. He's mixed, mastered and produced over 200 commercially released CD's and hundreds of performances for XM Satellite Radio, Comedy Central Records, BBC Radio, Uproar Records, Kevin Nealon, Jim Gaffigan, Louis C.K., Frank Caliendo, Lewis Black, Bobby Slayton, Mike Birbiglia, Gabriel Iglesias, Dick Gregory, Pablo Francisco, Jake Johannsen, Tony Rock, Bob Marley, Doug Stanhope and other comedians.


What Is Hahaas
Hahaas is a an entertainment company that produces ringtones and stand-up comedy.  Hahaas ringtones are sold in every major music store and with most phone carriers. You can also get our ringtones in the iTunes and Android app stores.  Over 20 million hahaas ringtones have been downloaded world wide.  We have over 4000 ringtones featuring national comedians, radio DJ's and World class producers.  Some of our ringtone brands include Comedy Ringtones, Tiger Tones, Redneck & Hillbilly Ringtones, Midget Drill Instructor Ringtones, It's Your Mother Ringtones, Stand Up Ringtones, Stand Up Ringers, Stand Up Tones and Ringtones, Alerts & Alarms. Hahaas has been releasing comedy albums since January 2007.

Who Joel has recorded.
It’s a veritable who’s who of Standup comics.

Check it out.

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