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Joel's Comedy Ringtones have been downloaded over 15 million times.  They are some of the funniest ringtones in the world.  Visit to get them. 
Joel Haas - Hahaas Comedy Ringtones 
"Joel has recorded a number of our albums and we've been thrilled with the quality.  Top notch."

Jack Vaughn - Comedy Central Records

 "Great recordings, shitty jokes."
"Kevin Nealon
"Joel Haas did my last two cd's and not only was the sound incredible, but his little magical touches with producing and editing made it sound even better...oh yeah...and he didn't charge me too much..."  

 "Joel is all about quality.  A pleasure to work with."
Jim Gaffigan

"Anything Joel does is of the highest quality."
Adam Ferrara

"Whatever you want, he can do."
Jake Johannsen

"If you want the best sounding album period, I'm gonna tell you right now, Joel Haas is the've got more microphones than I have minutes." 
Gabriel Iglesias

"Your work is amazing.  It's better than being there."
Barb North - Brook Forest Entertainment

"God bless you my friend for coming out and turning out one great CD.  The quality is triple "A" and you nailed every track with perfection"
Caroline Picard

"Joel managed to record laughs I didn't even get.  There is none better.  Period.
Slade Ham

Nobody does it like Joel.
Joel’s live recording methods are unprecedented and unmatched in the live comedy field.

Find out. Listen for yourself.

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